Babe Ruth’s Infamous Called Shot

The infamous shot. Saturday, October 1, 1932 at Wrigley Field in Chicago. It’s the fifth inning and Babe Ruth of the Yankees is up to bat. The count is now two balls and two strikes. Babe steps up to the plate, but then takes a step out of the batters’ box.  He points towards the center field crowd, then steps back into the box. The next pitch, the crowd got silent as they heard the famous “crack” of a bat as a home run was hit. In fact, it was the longest home run ever hit out of Wrigley Field. Babe Ruth had done the impossible, he called his shot.


Ever since this event, many players have tried to recreate it and most, if not all, have failed. Not to mention that it was the World Series when Babe Ruth did this. After the game of the “called shot”, it was the main headline in all of the newspapers and ever since, there has been many books written about it.
Many kids, such as myself, look up to this and have even tried it. This is just one of the many, many reasons why Babe Ruth is arguably the best baseball player in history.

By Carter Catado

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