Review: Dave and Busters

Every teen and soon to be teenager needs a good hangout spot. One of these great places to go to is Dave and Busters. They have two locations in Arizona, one in Tempe and the other in Glendale.

Dave and Busters is a huge arcade that also has a restaurant. First, let’s get into the details of the arcade. The way to play games, is you have to get a game card to then purchase chips to put on it. The prices are ten dollars for 48 chips, twenty dollars for 100, twenty five dollars for 135, thirty five dollars for 200, and fifty dollars for 300. The average game cost at Dave and Busters is right around seven and a half chips per game. They have all sorts of games from skee-ball to Pop-A-Shot.

Now onto the bar and restaurant. They have all sorts of different, amazing meals. Dave and Busters also has a bunch of TV’s in the restaurant area that are playing all of the sports games. The food is delicious and is at a fairly reasonable price. Dave and Busters is open every day of the week! Just go on their website and check out their hours, I would highly recommend going there.

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