A Spotlight on Soccer

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world! So many people all around the globe love this sport. Many of the people who play this sport also happen to go to our school.

Alexus Albright, a 7th grader, loves the sport. She was actually on the Greenfield soccer team in the fall. Lexi love soccer because she is always moving and it is fun to play. This grizzly does soccer because she loves to be part of a team that works together. Albright plays the position of center midfield. She particularly enjoys this position because she gets to assist the ball to her other teammates so they can score goals. She likes passing the ball to the outside and sometimes even scores goals!

Avery Wayment, who is also a 7th grader, plays soccer. She has a passion for this sport because it keeps her in shape. This student now plays defense, but previously played offense. She also says that scoring goals is an amazing feeling. Her teammates would rush up to her and give her humongous hugs and cheer for her. Another thing Avery loves about soccer is that it is exciting to play, but she also thinks it is not very fun to watch. Soccer is Wayment’s favorite sport because she get to use her feet.

Overall, soccer is a cool, unique sport. It is a tiring, yet exciting sport when you are playing on the field. I personally love that we all have the opportunity to play this amazing and fun game.

By Claire Pothier

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