Yoga Balls or Massage Chairs?

Many people have their pick of which they enjoy more between the yoga ball and a massage chairs, but they don’t know which one is more beneficial. According to AFPA, health and fitness blog, it is good for you to balance on a yoga ball because you burn extra calories, it relieves back pain, and can tone core muscles. On the other hand, a massage chair can be helpful for patients with cancer, reliever of stress, and it prevents high blood pressure. Now the question is, which is more beneficial?

Yoga balls burn calories, that’s no secret. The average employee spends eight to ten hours sitting in some lousy office chair when they could be benefiting themselves by doing a few stretches. Another use of a yoga ball is the fact that it relieves back pain. While sitting on a yoga ball, your body has to maintain good posture because it is slightly more difficult to balance with your body hunched over itself. And last, but not least, they tone core muscles. There are not many people in this world who do not want to look or feel good.

A massage chair is a wonderful recliner that gives you a nice back rub for free whenever you want. These mechanical massagers can help with people who have been diagnosed with cancer. They promote relaxation and reduce cancer symptoms. Massage chairs also relieve stress. Today, it is not uncommon for people to have a high levels of stress. Taking some time to sit and relax in a massage chair is extremely beneficial to your nerves and mind. Finally, these special chairs can relieve high blood pressure, and prevent it. “There have been quite a few studies done that have shown that massage chairs can reduce both stress and high heart rates,” INADA.

All in all, the yoga ball is beneficial to your looks and body health. The massage chairs help with what’s happening on the inside of your body. So now you have to decide what you want more, good looks or better health?

By Nina Barry

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