Editorial: Are Student Teachers a Good Thing?

Student teachers are everywhere, you can’t escape them. It’s not a big deal though, right? What could possibly be bad about them? It’s nice to give them a chance to show their educating skills. But what if their teaching skills aren’t very efficient? Then the class they were teaching falls behind and doesn’t learn all of the required  curriculum! This raises a debatable question: are student teachers good or bad?

Every day I hear fellow students complaining or bragging about their student teachers taking over. Hannah Pawlowski says,“It depends on the teacher. I’ve had good ones and bad ones, but I prefer if the actual teacher taught.” There are so many benefits to having student teachers come, like helping them see and improve how well their teaching methods come across.

However, there are some downturns of student teacherhood. Sometimes, they do not teach as effectively as they think. In addition, the new “teacher” usually doesn’t teach the same way the real teacher does. This messes up the students’ learning curve.

In conclusion, there are some benefits and there are some reasons to dislike the idea of student teachers coming to your school. I guess in the end, it all comes down to how well they teach and how you choose to react to the change.

By Lauren Hutchins

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