Editorial: Should We Switch to E-books?

Do teenagers spend too much time on technology? If you answered no to this question, the district has an idea that might sway your opinion. Gilbert Public Schools wants to switch everything that we can read in school, onto an online format. That means that every textbook and every class book will be switched to Ebooks. Is this new decision a blessing or a curse?

As you could assume, two of the most affected areas of the school would be the English and social studies wings. English reads class novels about twice a year and social studies depends on their textbooks. Ms. Heermans, a seventh grade English teacher, is one of many that would be using the Ebooks a lot. Here’s her stand on this subject; “If the district switched to electronic books next year, the students in class would most likely be in their seats more. Right now, the students take their books to other areas of the room to work. With chromebooks, I would worry about them being used on the floor or being carried around the room.” I then asked her how this switch would affect her teaching style. She said, “I would have to monitor the students more closely to make sure that they were being used as assigned.”

From a student’s standpoint, eighth grader Abbie Clark was asked her opinion on this. “I think that staring at a screen for too long would make it harder to read. Also, staring at a screen for too long can actually harm your health.” That’s a good point! Not to mention, paper books can’t get viruses or lose internet connection. It’s too easy to have problems on an electronic device, but nothing can go wrong with a good old-fashioned book.

Overall, this decision sparks controversy in most of our student body as well as our school’s teachers. Would it be a good idea to switch to Ebooks? If you are against this idea, shoot the an e-mail to the district to prevent this from happening.

By Lauren Miller

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