Student Spotlight: Ivy Johnson (7th)

Ivy Johnson is a humorous twelve year old student here at Greenfield.

As a student, her favorite subject is P.E. Physical Ed is her favorite  because has the best partner, and she loves all the activities they do in there. After school her favorite things to do when she returns home, are to Facetime , hangout with friends, and dance. Ivy goes to Dance Element almost every day of the week. At dance she participates in all of the genres, such as jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, ballroom, and even pointe training. After dance she craves a refreshing drink from Circle K. At Circle K the drink she gets every time is Sprite.

Once she returns home, after finishing all of her homework, her favorite thing to do in her spare time, is calligraphy. She favors the shiny, glittery, gold color when she writes her impressive letters. At home she has a little dog named Jada. So of course her favorite animal is a dog. Ivy’s favorite words in her vocabulary are spicy or stinker.

If someone had to sum her up in a few words they would use energetic are, fun-loving, and just all around a really great friend.

By Roxy Pepper


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