Many people escape the real world through music, one of my favorite getaways is Forever in Your Mind. Not a lot of people know them, but their fan base gets bigger everyday. The band consists of three boys: Emery Kelly, Ricky Garcia, and Liam Attridge. Emery is the oldest at 19, then Ricky (18), and lastly–Liam (18).

In the beginning, Liam wasn’t even a part of the band. At first it was Emery, Ricky, and another guy named Jon Klaasen. The group was put together by Simon Cowell on the show X Factor, season three in 2013. When Emery first auditioned he was a solo artist, and he got through to the “boot camp” round. Ricky and Jon were in a group of five, but the judges were only interested in the two. Jon and Ricky also made it to the “boot camp” round. When the Top 10 Groups were being chosen, Ricky and Jon got eliminated. They were absolutely heart broken. Emery also got dropped at this time, but in the “Guys” category. Luckily, the panel of judges saw their potential and put them in a group of three–later named Forever in Your Mind.

Fast forward to June 2014, when Jon left the group to focus on and pursue his music career, therefore leaving just the two. They stayed together because they knew they had a special thing going and didn’t want to give it up. Ricky and Emery tried a couple of shows with just each other, and it was great, but it was obvious they needed an addition. Especially because Digifest, a music festival, was coming up.

Coincidentally, Emery’s cousin, Liam, knew how to play the guitar and had a killer voice. At the time, Liam was living in Long Island, but  he got a one-way ticket to L.A. and never left.

Since then, they have come out with an E.P. and numerous singles. Their self-titled E.P., FIYM, has four amazing songs: Compass, Enough About Me, Hurricane, and Whistle. It was released on July 1st of last year. Some of their singles include Sweet Little Something, Shake Your Booty, and Whenever. Their Christmas songs consist of Naughty List, Wrapped Up for Christmas, and Celebrate. Most of the songs have a quick, high energy rhythm that just makes you want to dance, but Compass and Heart of Gold are slowing things down. Some fans may not know the song Heart of Gold, because it hasn’t been produced through the studio. The only way to hear this song is to see them live.

Aside from singing, Ricky, Emery, and Liam act. Yes, they are all actors. Ricky and Emery mostly, but Liam dabbles too. If you haven’t heard of all of the members, you probably know Ricky. He has a big role on Disney Channel’s, Best Friends Whenever. He played Naldo–Barry’s best friend. He also played Kevin Shepard in Bigger Fatter Liar, a new movie that came out on April 18th. Emery has also made an appearance on a couple of Disney shows including: Best Friends Whenever, Lab Rats, and Dog with a Blog. The only show Liam has ever done is Forever Boys, their own personal show! It hasn’t come out yet, but is going to premiere sometime this year.  It stars the boys, as a band, starting in the 1950s. When they are performing in 1957, vampires come out of nowhere and turn them into bloodsuckers as well. They’ve been hiding in the shadows until now: 2017.

Rewind to before they were in a band, Ricky lived in San Antonio, Texas. Emery and Liam lived in Long Island, New York. Since Liam and Emery are cousins, they have always lived near each other. Ricky ended up in Los Angeles because he wanted to jump start his music career, and it definitely payed off. Eventually, Emery and Liam made it out there and are still there today. Diving a little deeper, Emery’s full name is Emery Thomas Michael Kelly and was born on December 28, 1998. He also sometimes goes by “Em.” Ricky’s full name is actually Ricardo Rene Garcia Jr., but since that’s a bit of a mouth full, he just goes by Ricky Garcia. And only on occasion: Slick Rick. He is now 18 and was born on January 22, 1999. Liam, who is the baby of the group, and was born on the 13th of April in 1999. His full name is Liam Thomas Attridge., some of his nicknames are LeeLee and Liam the Lemur. Emery is known as the group “bad boy.” He’s rebellious, messy, and strays from the rules as much as possible. Although, he has a soft side too, his corny jokes are killer and if you ever get the chance, he has some pretty mean knock-knock jokes. His favorite song from their last E.P. is their most meaningful song, Compass. Ricky, on the other hand, favors Enough About Me also know as the most upbeat track. Rightfully so, he is one of the best dancers. Then there’s poor Liam, he has two left feet. No offense to him, but he has the hardest time learning the choreography. His favorite sound off their E.P. is their ballad Compass. During Compass he gets to play his favorite instrument: the guitar. He is very talented and skilled with a quite a few instruments.

Even though you may not know this band, they are associated with some celebrities that have a bigger spotlight on them. They have opened for performers such as Olivia Holt and Demi Lovato. And don’t worry, if you want more, they have more on the way. April 28th, they are releasing two new singles: Smooth and Missing. Get pumped!

This month (April) is full of important dates for them. April 13th was Liam’s birthday, Ricky’s movie Bigger Fatter Liar came out on the 18th, and their singles come out on the 28th! So many things to look forward to. Every single boy in the band, or that has been in the band, are incredibly talented. They all bring something different that is vital to the group.

By Abbey Lashley

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