Game Review: Brawl Stars

Have you ever heard of Brawl Stars? If not, then you’ve been missing out on this intense, online multiplayer action game! Brawl Stars is rising in popularity and is played by several students here at Greenfield Junior. Also the total amount of worldwide players are continuing to grow. Brawl Stars is not only an enjoyable game but, is also an exceedingly well programmed app that was released to the Canadian IOS App Store over the summer, on July 15 of 2017. Because Supercell, a game designer company, has not yet set a worldwide release date it is not yet widely-known across the U.S. Supercell has had a successful past-experience with designing games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, and Boom Beach.

To further explain what this game is, it is a PVP (Player Versus Player) game where you move around a battlefield while trying to attack the opposing team or players. In this game, there are currently sixteen “Brawlers” which are different characters in the game that are available to unlock through “Brawl Boxes”. Brawl Boxes are boxes that require the player to earn 100 coins in battles to be able to open them. In Brawl Boxes, you can get elixir to upgrade Brawlers, or you can get new Brawlers if you’re lucky. In “Brawl”, which is a nickname for Brawl Stars, each character has different speeds, abilities, health’s, attack damages, and “specials”, which are abilities that allow the characters to do a variety of different attacks such as ramming into other players, placing down a turret, spawning a bear with a great amount of health, and more! Specials are all designated to each individual player and can only be recharged when that player applies enough damage to the opponent. Each player has a different charging rate.

In addition,  there are also different battlefields and game modes that have different objectives. There are multiple variations of battlefields and each one is distinctly themed. The themes vary from desert-like oasis’ to ancient temple ruins which are all visually pleasing. In the end, Brawl Stars is an exceptionally detailed game that requires strategy and intense focus.

By Tautua Pauga

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