Short Story: The Monster in the Forest

The Monster in the Forest

    An evil creature dwells in one of Arizona’s forests. It looks like a bat, but sometimes it can look like animals too. The creature prefers to come out at night, but some people visiting the forest claim to have seen it during the daytime. It attacks people at random times and no one never knows where they go.       

    The legend of this creature dates back to a few decades. When it first showed up near one of the small towns by the forest. Local people that saw the creature named it the bat-winged creature. A popular theory from the locals in the town is if you see the bat-winged creature attack someone, then you have to tell other people. If you don’t, it will go after you. Others say if it visits the area you’re in, and you see it, you can’t tell anyone. If you do tell, then it will keep visiting you over and over again.

     Some popular reports in the news say that the bat-winged creature has caused the disappearance of  people trying to repel the creature. A couple of years ago, a report of a missing child, sent many locals into panic. Within that same week, five more people went missing. All of the reports were blamed on the bat-winged creature. One day, a group of men went to experiment if a type of oil repelled the creature. For three days, they spent the night camped out at the spot and none of them were attacked. The monster still wanders the forest looking for more people to attack.

By Tristan Andaya

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