2067: What it Will be Like?

Fifty years ago was 1967, which doesn’t seem that long ago. Fifty years in the future, 2067, sounds so far away, right ? No matter how far away you feel it is, it’s coming. What will the people look like? How different will the world be?

Natural Geographic released this picture of what the average American will look like in 2050:


Many sources state that overtime we will merge into one race, human. The human population is estimated to be about 10,446,830,149 people. With a population like that we will have to build up, have smaller living spaces,  and live in the sky. Apartments are the future. Maybe 200 years down the line everyone in America might live like a New Yorker. Or with the rising trend of tiny homes, that are one hundred square feet or less, we could be living in small, minimalist style homes. Another way we could support the growing population, is that we could build underground. This would be a good idea if it weren’t for some of the effects on the human body from living underground.Our levels of Vitamin D would drop. Vitamin D is also known as the “happy vitamin”. Vitamin D doesn’t allow serotonin neurotic responses, that is what raises happiness.  It has been proven that people it lower levels of Vitamin D have  a higher depression rates. So I would say Tiny homes and Skyscraping apartments are a more promising idea.

Computers are getting smarter and smarter and smarter and they will most likely meet the human intellect and reach what scientists call the singularity. Many Futurists believe we will reach the singularity by 2045. “But by 2030 we will connect our neocortex the part of our brain where we do our thinking, to the cloud” said author of the book, The Singularity is near, Ray Kurzwell. By 2030 we will be practically turned into bionic humans. Well that’s the world in 2067, aren’t you excited?

By Jordyn Carter


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