Careers 4 Kids: Babysitting

Are you looking for a way to get some extra money, but you know that you’re too young for a job? Don’t worry, there is an easy and fun way for students to earn money: babysitting!

Babysitting is a really good way for students to earn money. It pays well, it’s great for  junior high students, and it’s really fun! So, if you really want to earn money, start your own babysitting business.

To start your own babysitting business, make sure that you keep in touch with families with young children. Ask your parent’s friends if they are looking for a babysitter. You can also put up posters around your neighborhood advertising your business. Make sure they include your name, phone number, and email so that people who want your service can contact you.  Soon, you will find yourself earning hundreds of dollars just from babysitting!


  • Make sure that you are nice to the kids. If you are kind to them, their parents are going to want you to come back another time.
  • Make sure that you entertain the kids. Don’t just sit around and watch them. Entertain them, and make sure that they are having lots of fun!
  • Do the dishes and clean up any extra toys the kids left laying around. The parents will be extremely impressed with your abilities to watch the kids and clean up. They will want to have you back for sure!
  • Don’t forget to make sure that the kids are put to bed on time. You wouldn’t want the parents to come home at midnight to see that their baby is still awake.

Babysitting is a great job, so make sure you consider it when you need money in the future!

By Katelyn Kolstad

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