Editorial: Is Modern Medicine Making Us Weak?

Are humans getting weaker from modern medicine? According to Charles Darwin’s Natural Selection Theory, “Humans are getting weaker and weaker, more disease prone and might be developing some manners.” But they could be making us stronger because we are living longer and healthier lives.

On one side of this argument, modern medicine is weakening the gene pool. For example, if a baby could be born with a birth defect that would be otherwise fatal if it weren’t for modern medicine, when they have children, then their children will have a higher chance of having that birth defect. If that original baby would have died before having children then that defect would not be passed on. More and more people born with defects are surviving on medicine. They are passing it on to their offsprings and diluting the gene pool.

On the other side, modern medicine could be making us stronger. More people are being born and less are dying. Before the invention of the flu shot in 1938 the flu could kill and did kill about five-hundred million people in 1917 alone. Now thanks to Jonas Salk and Thomas Francis for inventing this simple shot that about half of Americans get every fall, we don’t typically die from Influenza or the “flu”.

Now what do you think? You have heard the argument for each side. You have heard how it is weakening the gene pool and weakening the human race. You have also heard how the mortality rates for common disease are decreased and we are living longer. You can form an opinion. Are humans getting weaker from modern medicine, or are they helping us become stronger than ever before?

By Jordyn Carter


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