Spotlight: Jayne Jonas (7th)

Jayne Jonas is a 12 year old 7th grader who loves volleyball, student council, and helping others. Every day after school, she goes to volleyball practice for the 7th grade volleyball team. Her team won their first game last week! In her free time, She loves to be with her friends, play football with her little brothers Ryan and Kyle, and help others. Since she is new here, her favorite thing about Greenfield Junior high is being in student council. Jayne loves student council because she loves the feeling of helping others and making people happy. Jayne says, “When I help kids in student council, it makes me feel really good, like I’m making a difference at Greenfield Junior High.” We are thankful for your and all of student council’s hard work, Jayne!

Jayne’s favorite movie is Wonder Woman. She also loves tacos, especially the ones her mom makes for her! Jayne does really well in school, and her favorite subjects in school are science and writing. She is is Mr. Conway’s Honors English class, and she is a really talented writer! She also loves reading, and her favorite book is Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter.

Jayne has really good character, and she is always smiling! When I asked her what her favorite quote was, she said it was “There is always a reason to smile-find it!” What a great quote from a great student at Greenfield Junior High School!

Jayne is smart, funny, kind, and an all around great student! If you see her on our campus, make sure you say hello because you would love to be her friend!

By Katelyn Kolstad

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