Does Birth Order Matter?

A common belief these days is that birth order affects personalities. For example, if you are the middle child, you are said to be the “peacemaker” of the family. But who made this up? And is it true?

Birth order has been a typical theory since the 1870s. Alfred Adler believed that firstborns are “dethroned” by the second child, and it permanently affects the firstborn’s personality. As a firstborn, I don’t really believe this is true. When my brother was born, I wasn’t jealous – I was too busy focusing on my graham crackers and apple juice that a nurse gave me. (true story.) But, I have noticed that I do have some of the traits, and so does my brother. A firstborn is ambitious, a leader, and responsible, while the middle child is the social butterfly, the peacekeeper and fairness-obsessed. The youngest, (AKA my brother,) is a free spirit, a risk taker, and charming, but an only child is smart, creative and grown up. But, these characteristics aren’t always true. It also depends on your gender, age differences, and if they are special needs or not. Unfortunately, after looking at several different websites, birth order personalities are not completely true, but there are some traits that seem to be true in my brother and I. However, they are stereotypical.

By Macy Taylor


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