Short Story: Dark Days

Emmeline shivered. Why was it so cold? Did Mrs. Grant ever pay her heating bill? She looked down at her math problems. What the heck was an irrational number? Madalyn Grant, the kid she was babysitting, let out a shriek. Emmeline dashed upstairs before Madalyn full-fledged cried. On her way up, she noticed pictures of Madalyn and her family. She smiled to herself.  Madalyn sobbed. She ran upstairs and opened Madalyn’s door. “Shhh…” Emmeline soothed. Madalyn slowly went back to sleep. Emmeline gently put Madalyn down. She slowly backed away and closed the door. “Phew,” she muttered. She padded down the stairs and continued her problems. Okay, an irrational number was – “WAH!” Emmeline sighed. She wearily walked upstairs. She glanced at the pictures again. This time, the pictures were slightly different. The Grant family were all dressed up as clowns. Emmeline shook her head and looked again. The pictures were normal. Spooked, she carefully stepped up the stairs where Madalyn was waiting. “All right,” she said, popping Madalyn’s pacifier into her mouth. Mrs. Grant was trying to wean Madalyn off of it, but Emmeline dubbed this an emergency. She returned downstairs. Problem 13. Mr. Grondell said that this one was the hardest. She focused. Another cry rang out, and Emmeline slammed down her pencil. She stomped upstairs but she stopped and gasped. A clown – a murderous one, smiled and said, “Stuck on problem 13?”

By Macy Taylor

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