Should we have healthier snacks in vending machines?

Our vending machines at school have water bottles and bags of chips. We also have an ice cream vending machine too, but do you think we should get rid of the Ice cream machine and put healthier snacks in them?

In my opinion, I think we should get rid of them. Mrs. Parson’s take on this “kids have obesity before they even go to college, Our school district has to make kids make good decisions in life or obesity will get worse.” It’s nice to have a tree during lunch and some people agree that it would be nice to have healthier snacks on our campus.

When I sit down at lunch with my friends, and lunch is almost done, I would see a bunch of people holding ice cream. Brock Towne, a student at Greenfield says “If they want side healthy snacks for vending machines, then that’s up to them, but they shouldn’t replace the snacks we already have.” It is really up to the school and our district to make decisions on our campus.

On the other hand, a lot of people at our campus will disagree with healthy snacks. Mr.Yee, our principle at our school says “ If there’s a Snack out there that is healthy, we should have it. It would also help boost our energy in our memory for tests and quizzes. Plus our cafeteria provides healthy food. I think we should replace  The ice cream vending machines with unhealthy snacks.” So, should our school replace the ice cream vending machine with healthier snacks, or not?

By Zack Mumman

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