Sports: 7th Grade Girls Volleyball Team

Through hard work and practice, these girls have gotten very good at volleyball while keeping good grades. They’ve already received a victories in all their games so far and will most likely win all the rest.

Ellie Schmidt is a 7th Grade Volleyball setter and team captain here at GrJHS, that started to play volleyball 3 years ago and has loved it ever since. When she tried out she felt as though the tryouts were tough because she didn’t know the coach and some of her possible teammates but it also wasn’t difficult because she has experience in volleyball. Two reasons she chose to tryout for this sport are that volleyball is one of her passions and she hopes to continue it in her future. This season, Ellie hopes to lead her team to victory and win the championships once again for GrJHS.

Kara Dray is another amazing volleyball player here at Greenfield Junior. She started a year and half to two years ago and continues to play at her best. When Kara tried out for the volleyball team she felt there was a little bit of difficulty, but she made the team regardless. Dray plays the outside position on the Grizzly Volleyball team. Although she made the team Kara wants to become a better passer, hitter, and server by the end of the season. Kara Dray tried out for the volleyball team because she enjoys the fun she has while playing it.

One of two defense specialists on the Lady Grizzlies Volleyball team is Morgan Cox, a great volleyball player and student. Morgan began playing volleyball two years ago, in 5th grade. When I asked Cox what she thought about tryouts she said, “They were difficult, I was worried that other girls were better than me, but I just played my best and I got on the team.” Her main reason for trying out was that she thinks it’s nice to have the help of teammates and it’s fun to play against other schools, hoping to win. This season, she hopes to accomplish three goals; to get to know her teammates, win as many games as she can, and make more friends within her team.

These three volleyball players are not only great academically but also at volleyball. Good Luck, Lady Grizzlies!


By Lilly Wittek

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