Editorial: Tape or Glue? A Sticky Debate

Glue; an adhesive substance used for sticking objects and materials together. Tape; a narrow strip of material typically used to hold or fasten something. Are you currently carrying around glue and tape in your already burdensome backpack? Personally, I think we need to stick glue in the paste, I mean past.

First of all, glue is sloppy, untidy, and tends to get everywhere. This is especially common if you have one of those Elmer bottles with impossible, orange caps. For school, liquid glue is diabolical. It never dries, it oozes out from under papers, and it sticks notebook pages together! It is true that glue sticks are less capable of making such messes, yet I still feel tape is more reliable. Liquid glue also has the possibility of rupturing or leaking in your backpack. Even if you tape breaks in your bag, cleaning it up is much faster and takes less effort.

Speaking of which, removing tape from a surface is easy, where glue lingers and flakes annoyingly. Tape can smoothly be pulled off and thrown away. (But be gentle, or else you might accidently separate the top layer of the paper from the bottom, for that is tape’s one flaw.) If you’re prone to mistakes such as ripping pages or inserting notes in the wrong order, it’s clear what you need, tape! Glue might be more popular if you don’t want pieces of tape showing, but be careful what you wish for. Without tape, you might get stuck with random bumps of glue pushing up on the paper, even if you use a glue stick.

All in all, I hope my reasoning in this sticky debate has helped you see why you should stick with tape. Glue is more permanent, but also less orderly. Tape is slightly more dangerous (ever cut yourself on the dispenser edge?), but still neater, preferable, and tidying up after a tape project is much simpler than a glue-catastrophe. Schools need to realize that tape is up-to-date.

By Becky Wood

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