Photojournalism: Swimming

GracePJ#1Ms. Hamon explains to the girls the stroke they are focusing on for the day. Each stroke is explained so that every swimmer understands how to correctly complete the stroke.


GracePJ#2The freestyle stroke is one of the easiest strokes to do. Breathing to the side, you reach out and pull the water back, flutter kicking your feet behind you.



Breastroke is one of the hardest strokes to do. The easiest way to explain what to do with your hands is to make a heart shape in the water and then “break” your heart down the middle and repeat the process. You look like a frog when doing this stroke.



Backstroke is easy if you can float. You are laying on your back and doing the freestlye stroke but in reverse.



After learning the basic strokes, we spent two days learning how to play water polo. You’re split into two teams and there were four courts playing at the same time. The winner of each court becomes “Queen of the Court” and moves up to play another winning team.



Ms. Hilton was our lifeguard. You always have to have two teachers when we are swimming; one to coach us and one to watch over us.



Fridays are “Fun Fridays” and we get to dive off of the diving boards and into the dive tank. Crazy flips and turns were attempted by lots of students.


Photo Story By Grace Gurr


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