Profile: Spencer White (7th)

Spencer White is an outgoing twelve-year-old here at Greenfield Jr. High. You may have seen him running hard at practice with the flag football team, or playing the cello in his elective, orchestra. White’s favorite food is good old-fashioned hamburgers, and he really enjoys reading the book Fablehaven by the notable author, Brandon Mull. The best colors in his opinion are blue and white, which is what he tends to wear more often than not. His favorite class by far at junior high is PE, and he hopes they start the football unit soon. (If you haven’t guessed yet, his favorite sport is football.) According to Spencer, the coolest animal alive is a jaguar. While talking to me, Spencer expressed how he was really excited to start junior high at Greenfield. His favorite thing so far is meeting different people and making new friends. Before 7th grade, Spencer went to Neely Traditional Academy, but since many of his friends went elsewhere for middle school, he’s eager to find new pals. If you play an instrument or like to talk sports, go find this outstanding seventh grader! We’re glad you chose to attend Greenfield and wish you luck in your upcoming flag football game, Spencer!

By Becky Wood

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