8th Grade Boys Soccer Team

Soccer is one of the most competitive and popular sports in the world. Soccer season is in full swing and the boys are practicing hard for the upcoming games.

During tryouts Clay Farley said, “I feel more confident, improved, and prepared to make the team again,” Since he made the team last year, he already knows people’s strengths and weaknesses for this years tryouts. Collin Kunzler also made the team last year and he said when he was trying out he felt pressured but, he was pretty confident that the stress of try outs would not stop him from making the team. Logan Morton, another boy who made the team last year, said that when he made the team he was excited because he made it both years of junior high. He also said he was emotional and glad. Logan loves soccer and is very happy he made the team. The boys are working very hard and Coach Turley has been preparing them for the championship so they can redeem themselves from last year. All the boys are ready for the season and the games to come. The boys are going into their matches with full force and are ready for anything that steps in there way. They are Grizzly STRONG and prepared to fight to win games and show what talent they have. Overall, soccer is a great and active sport. It’s a game with exciting and heartbreaking moments. All the boys are grateful to have the opportunity to play this amazing sport.

By Chase Poskey


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