Editorial: School Lunch Prices Are Way Too Expensive!

On August 2, 2017 (aka my first day of 7th grade), my mom gave me a fifty dollar check for school lunch. I also had leftover money from last year. On August 21, almost three weeks later from the first day of school. I ran out of money for lunch on my card. I told my mom, and she was shocked. So she gave me another fifty dollar check.

When I went back to school, I found out that one combo meal is $3.15 to $4.00. That’s really expensive! I asked some of my current teachers and they said that they raised the price for the school lunches this year. The price last year at Greenfield Junior High used to be somewhere around $2.50-$2.75, for a combo. At Greenfield Elementary School lunch is $2.65, which is cheaper. I asked around and Mr. Lopat, our school’s Assistant/Vice Principal said, “The prices are given to us by the Food Services at the GPS district level. We don’t have any say in the school lunch prices.” I wish that wasn’t the case though. I also asked our school’s Cafeteria Manager Ms. Dewitt, and she said, “I think the school lunch prices are a little too expensive. Also, I think the pizza slice is too high.” Mr. Lopat also agrees with Ms. Dewitt that the pizza slice is too expensive. One pizza slice at Greenfield Junior High School is $2.60. In my opinion, that’s way too expensive! A regular slice of pizza should at least be $1 or $1.50. Ms.Dewitt stated that, “The school should offer bigger portions with the food to make the prices better.” Also, the school should give a water bottle for free with your meal.” Those are really good ideas, and I think that the school should use them. Mr. Lopat says, “Since the ice cream is popular, make it more expensive. Just kidding!” Good one Mr. Lopat. Hopefully the Food Services at the GPS district level will reduce the school lunch prices, or hopefully they will give bigger portions with the meals, like Ms. Dewitt said.

By Ellie Frarer


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