Profile: Reed Hogle (8th)

Reed Ellesworth Hogle is a kind hearted, intelligent 8th grader and an overall enjoyable person to be around. Reed enjoys playing baseball every week with his pitching coach. You can find him on the pitching mound, at first base, or in the outfield while he is playing. As soon as Hogle was able to throw a ball, he was on a team. Baseball is not his only talent; along with starting baseball at the age of three, he started playing the piano as well!

Speaking of Reed’s younger life, he was born in San Diego, California, on May 10th and will turn 15 at the end of this year. When Reed grows up, he wants to be a Jet Engine Mechanic because, he states, “It’s cool.” His favorite place to go on vacation is to Newport Beach in California. Every morning before he goes to the beach, Hogle goes to the Donut Shop. When Reed is not on the beach, playing piano, he is playing Minecraft on his computer or Wii U. When Hogle was asked the question, “If you could be anything for one day, what would you be?”  He replied with an underwater DJ, so that he can do, “Cool underwater things with fishies.”

Some interesting facts about Hogle is that when he was five years old, he sprayed olive oil on his kitchen floor and skated around his kitchen, as if it was a skating rink. Reed had a very interesting childhood because later on in the same year he swallowed a rock! Overall, Reed Ellesworth Hogle is an amazing baseball player, pianist and a significant person.

By Jordan Eulate


photo: Jordan Eulate


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