Profile: Makall Milius (8th)

Makall Milius is a killer soccer player. She has been playing since she was three years old! This girl is absolutely astonishing at this sport. Makall wanted to start playing this sport because no other sports interested her. For example, she did not like swimming; it was her least favorite sport. This Grizzly adored soccer because she could be aggressive and play to her full potential. Makall says that her biggest accomplishment was when one time, there was a corner kick. Milius was standing by the goal when the ball flew in the air. That’s when this soccer star headed the ball into the goal! She stated, “It was an amazing feeling when all my teammates cheered and cheered for me!”  Makall played on the club G.Y.S.A (Gilbert Youth Soccer Association) United and on our school’s girl’s soccer team! Even though Makall loves this sport, she is not planning on playing it much longer. She has discovered a new sport, track which he is very good at. This student had some funny and great ways to get the ball when she was little! She used to kick people in the ankles! Also, when Milius was young, she got very angry at her Dad because he took her ball and used it for her game! This young child got really mad and ran all over the place! Makall stated, “ I actually played really good in that game!”


By Claire Pothier

photo by: Claire Pothier


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