Athlete Profile: Charlize Checani

Charlize Checani is an extremely talented volleyball player on the 7th grade Greenfield Junior high volleyball team. Charlize absolutely loves volleyball, and she has a lot of good memories from practice! Her favorite thing to do in volleyball practice is to play a game called Twos. Twos is a game where two people go against two other people in a mini game of volleyball. If you win, the coach will buy you a Polar Pop.

Checani’s favorite thing about being on the team is hanging out with her friends and making new ones. Her two best friends on the team are Kara Dray and Lily Fife.

When she is at a game, Charlize is amazing! She makes amazing serves, and scores winning points for the team. Her favorite memory of a game is when she made an amazing block, and she stopped the other team from getting a point! Nice job Charlize!

Charlize loves the feeling of being at a game. She says, “When you are at a game, the adrenaline you get is the best part. It keeps you going, and it gives you the energy to keep going until you win.” What a great quote from a great volleyball player!  

Not only does Charlize play really well, her whole team does! Everyone on the Greenfield Junior High volleyball team works together to win their games!

Charlize has a great future planned in volleyball. She plans on being an Olympic gold medalist in volleyball. Great job Charlize! Keep on working hard towards your dreams!


By Katelyn Kolstad

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