Editorial: The Circle

Do you ever feel like your parents are too restrictive of you phones? I didn’t, until my dad bought The Circle.

The Circle is a small device that is hooked up to your phone’s connection. With an app, parents can control it. Using the app, there are so many things your parents can do to make sure you don’t spend too much time on your cell phone. The Circle can set a bedtime, so if your parents don’t want you up at night with your phone, they can set a time that your wifi turns completely off, and it won’t turn back on until you wake up the next morning. If you’re grounded, your parents can cut off your connection with the tap of a button. The Circle will also block anything on the internet that might be inappropriate, just like the our chromebooks do. We all know how strict our chromebooks are, right? There are also time limits. For example, if you have Instagram, The Circle will set up an amount of time that you can be on it. For me, after I spend an hour and thirty minutes on Snapchat, I get an alert on my phone telling me that I have reached my time limit for the day. After that, Snapchat won’t load until the next day.

The Circle sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it? Well it might be, but there could also be a lot of really good things about it too. Kids spend a lot of time on their phones, to the point that it is unhealthy. With The Circle, parents will not  have to worry about that.

Personally, I really hate The Circle. What do you think about it? Is it a great idea? Or are our parents just trying to make their kids miserable?


By Katelyn Kolstad

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