Teacher vs Student: Should we be to allowed eat in class?

We’ve all had those moments in class, the growling of our stomachs. Should we be able to eat in class? Well a few teachers and students have answered this question in their own, humble opinion.

Mrs. Deltenre, the Spanish teacher here at Greenfield Junior High says, “I don’t have a problem if my students eat in class; students usually get the hungriest around 3rd and 4th hour, being so close to lunch. They really just have to clean up after themselves. Students tend to do way better in school when they aren’t starving.”

Mrs. Hammond, an eighth grade English teacher and Student Council advisor at GrJHS, says, “I don’t like my students eating in class, because they leave crumbs and wrappers. But, I do let my 3rd hour class eat healthy snacks. If they make a mess then the privilege is lost.”  While I agree students tend to do this, I also think students should be able to eat when they are hungry, not within a window of time.

Harlee Scott is a seventh grader at Greenfield, agrees with Mrs. Deltenre, “I love to eat during class. If I couldn’t eat in class I would starve.” This is obviously exaggerated, but this might lead her to not do her best in class, if she doesn’t have a snack to chew on.

This is another reason why we should be able to eat food in class. Students level of efficiency in school is affected by their level of hunger. Teachers expect students to do good in school, this is why us students need to eat to increase our brain power.


By Lilly Wittek

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