Difference Between the iPhone 7 and 8

 Are you looking to upgrade to the iPhone 8? If so, I would do some research beforehand. There are only a few differences between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8. Even though only a couple things have been changed, it sure does feel like a brand new phone.

    First of all, the iPhone 7 has a wider color selection to choose from. Looking for a darker color? You can go with the Matte Black or Jet Black. Jet Black adds a glossier and sleeker look to the phone, while Matte Black adds a more dull look to the phone. If you’re looking for a lighter color you can choose a color such as, Silver or Gold. Thought I was done? Not yet! If you can’t make up your mind, there is even a red! Not only is there a red, but there is also a Rose Gold if you want to add a more girly look to your phone. No offense to you guys out there with a pink phone. On the other hand, there is only three colors that come with the iPhone 8. Those three colors consist of silver, gold and Space Gray.

    The second difference may not seem like a huge deal, but next time you have to carry a heavy phone around all day, your research on the weight of the phone will come in handy. The iPhone 7 weighs 138 grams, In other words this is about 4.9 ounces. Weighing 10 grams more than the iPhone 7 is the iPhone 8. In ounces, that would make the phone about 5.2 ounces heavier. Although this isn’t a huge difference, it is something you should keep in mind while buying a new iPhone.

    The iPhone 8 has a couple of features that the iPhone 7 does not have. One of those would be the wireless charging. The wireless charging system is not included with the purchase of the actual phone. Remember, you have to buy that separately. Another feature the iPhone 8 has is that the phone is made up of all glass. Yep, that’s right…all glass. So maybe the iPhone 8 is not the best match for you if you are a very clumsy person, but don’t let that one feature stop you!

    In conclusion, the iPhone 8 has some of the best features a phone has ever had. But is it too much like the iPhone 7? Next time you upgrade, make sure to do your research before purchasing.


By Jordan Eulate

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