Kid career: Umpiring

A fun job you can have in Arizona is umpiring little league baseball. 13 year olds and older are allowed to umpire at games. If you enjoy playing or like watching baseball then you will enjoy this job.

    An umpire is charged with officiating a baseball game from beginning to end. Some of this includes, enforcing the rules, making judgment calls on plays, and handing out disciplinary actions in the game. In a game, at least two umps are present, but there can be more. Different umpires have specific jobs. There is the umpire in chief, base umpire, and crew chief.

    The umpire in chief is in charge of the entire game. They make most calls concerning the batter or baserunners. In the event of any umpire getting injured, typically the second base position will be left empty. Base umpires are stationed on the bases. These umps will make will make calls mainly about the baserunners, middle, and outfield. Each ump is named by which base they are stationed at. Even though they are stationed on the bases, an ump can move to multiple areas if they have to during a play. Lastly a crew chief is the umpire who normally has the most experience. Their responsibilities may include, leading discussions, reviewing situations, and directing work of other umpires.

    If you do get a job for umpiring in the little league sometimes it will be voluntary to officiate the game, but most of the time you will get paid (usually per-game). When applying you will first have to go through training, and then you can be an umpire. You will enjoy this job if you like baseball.


By Tristan Andaya

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