13th Floor Haunted House

The 13th Floor Haunted House attraction located in Phoenix, is an exceedingly thrilling place to go with your friends. The superstition behind the infamous floor of 13 is one of the reasons why this attraction is so horrifying along with the extreme amount of mysterious props and costumes.

To begin, the superstition behind number 13 is that it is supposedly the unluckiest number out there. There is no universally-accepted term of why this number is so unlucky but, all we know is that even hotels and other recreational buildings will not include a 13th floor. This is to ensure no superstitious mishaps or customers avoiding the building altogether. This haunted house purposely adds a 13th floor to create a mysterious and suspenseful mood for those attending the attraction.

In addition, The 13th Floor Haunted House has added many terrifying props to create a life-like experience. For example, this past year they have used several different costumes for the performers. These minor upgrades kept the customers on edge as they never know what to expect every time they attend. This is why this attraction is fairly well-know and continuing to be more widely-known.

In the end, the 13th Floor is an extremely terrifying and superstitious haunted house attraction because of all of the bountiful amount of props that are in the attraction. I recommend trying out this haunted house only if you are 12 or older as the websites states.




2814 W. Bell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85053


– General Admission: $26.99 (Waiting Time Fluctuates from Day to Day);

– Fast Pass: Additional $10 (Waiting Time is ~3x Faster);

– Skip the Line: Additional $20 (Waiting Time: ~5 Minutes)

Upcoming Event:

BLACKOUT Р November 4, 2017 (You and Your Friends, ONE Glowstick, Total Darkness)

Other Attractions:

Fear Farm & Haunted Hayride




By Tautua Pauga



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