8th Grade Girls Volleyball Team

The eighth-grade Greenfield Grizzly girls’ volleyball team has had an impressive season so far. They are undefeated, with a total of five wins. Two reasons why the 8th grade volleyball team has been very successful this season is that all the players are extremely experienced in the fundamentals and skills required for the sport and they all have a great overall relationship and respect for each other.

To start, the experiences that the volleyball players have from their previous leagues have helped them be a dominating team this season. For example, Sadie Plewe, who is the main outside hitter for the team, has been playing since first grade! Her experiences in her past teams has helped her be able to contribute to the team, along with many of her teammates.

In addition to the volleyball team being so successful this season, is because of their relationship and respect for each of their fellow teammates. Jenna Palmer, the team’s leftback, says that her favorite part of being on the team is going to practice and improving with her teammates because they are fun to be around. She believes that this relationship allows all the teammates to better communicate during games  and helps all the members of the team to be more willing to genuinely help their fellow teammates improve.

In the end, The volleyball team has done great the season because of their relations and previous experiences in the sport. These factors will help them get far this season and hopefully take the championship!


By Tautua Pauga

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