8th Grade Spotlight: Trent Moser

Trent Moser is a not-so-average 8th grader here at Greenfield. He is probably one of the tallest students at a whopping 6 feet tall! As he should be, Trent is playing volleyball and basketball currently. Later in the year he is planning on trying out for the 8th grade boys basketball team. Trent prefers playing basketball rather than volleyball even though he is a natural at volleyball. The whole Moser family plays sports. Trent’s older sister is currently playing volleyball at BYU, and his brother is a volleyball player at Gilbert High School. He loves to watch the Phoenix Suns play with his family.

Moser went to Pioneer Elementary School and then Highland Junior High School for 7th grade. He is planning on joining the Gilbert Tigers at Gilbert High School. Later in life he is hopefully going to attend BYU for college. His dream job is to become a pro athlete or an engineer. Trent’s uncle, Spencer Larson, (his hero), is a former football player for the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Trent looks up to Larson as someone who had a dream, reached for it, and eventually achieved it. Moser’s favorite movie of all time is, IT, the older version (thank goodness). He loves all things scary which also explains his favorite television show, The Walking Dead. Ironically, Trent is afraid of dark rooms. Who knows how he can still watch scary movies! His love of scary movies ensures that he never picks the movie when hanging out with friends. Moser can be mistaken as a quiet, shy person but all his friends know differently. Even though he has countless good friends, he is certain that his mom knows him best. Trent loves all animals, but dogs are his most favored. His family owns several dogs, chickens, turtles, tortoises, and a parrot. They recently got a new puppy and named her Pixie. Moser’s favorite dinner is steak and potatoes, and he wishes he could eat it all the time. Speaking of food, one of his favorite fast food restaurants is Raising Cane’s, which he visits very frequently with his older brother. His favorite color is blue and he loves to spend time with his family, especially at Christmas time.

Overall, Trent Moser is an exceptional student at Greenfield Junior High School. Trent is such a fun person to talk to even though it may take a little while for him to open up. He can’t wait for the rest of the year here at Greenfield Junior High School.


By Jenna Westenskow

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