He Said She Said

If you had the choice to go on a vacation anywhere, where would you go? Would it be the snow or the beach? Let’s see what students on our grizzly campus think!

    7th grade male (Carter Quackenbush): “Beach. I love the beach because I get to surf and explore around! I love to shop, play soccer, and deep sea fish on the beach.”

    8th grade male (Buddy Couser): “Snow. I love to “send it” off jumps on my snowboard. I also love being in the cold and having the white snow fall on my face.”

    Staff male (Mr. Graves): “Beach. I absolutely love the beach. I love the sunsets, restaurants, reading on the beach, and walking along the beach. One more thing that I love is the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.”

    7th grade female (Gracie Fife): “Beach. I do not like the snow at all because my feet always get frozen and numb. I love how the beach is always so warm and I love getting crashed on by the waves.”

    8th  grade female (Courtney Estrada): “Beach. I love the warmth. I also love to play in the water and play sports on the beach!”

    Staff female (Ms. K): “Beach. I hate the cold. I love the little shacks on the beach where you can get yummy food. I absolutely love to watch the surfers and reading on the beach!”


By Claire Pothier

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