Review: Tilly’s

Tilly’s is a very popular and well loved retail store. This stylish store was first opened in 1982 by a man named Hezy Shaked. He named this business after his beloved wife, Tilly. Also, it is found in 33 states and has a total number of 255 stores. With all of these stores opened worldwide, you are able to find a location basically anywhere. Tilly’s is a wonderful company due to its employees, apparel, and locations.  

They sell stunning drapery, shoes, and accessories. Included in the accessories are backpacks, skateboards, jewelry, keychains, and stickers. If you think that that is cool, Mr. Shaked’s company offers a plethora of different exclusive brands, as well. Best of all, the age demographic for their clothing ranges from youth all the way to adults. Many students here at Greenfield shop there, including Maxx Kelly and Presley Turner. According to Maxx, “They have the best clothes! Everyday I wear something from there, mainly because they have a terrific selection.” As stated by Presley, “It is my all-time favorite store, and their clothes are very unique. Their items never go out of style, too! My closet consists of basically all Tilly’s products.” The attire that they sell is moderately priced. Hezy’s company happens to be really successful and in 2016 it generated about $550 million. With all of the money they are able to continue making sweet items for everyone. If people are looking for a Tilly’s location, they’re most commonly found inside of a mall. Customers can’t only purchase these items in a store, the attire is also available online at Tilly’, as well.

Tilly’s is a tremendous company due to its enthusiastic employees, apparel, and locations.This is a famous place that has grown exceptionally over time. It is also filled with wonderful employees that thrive and work hard to achieve great success for the company. All of these details combine to show what Tilly’s is and what it is meant for. Without these it would not be the store that you all know and love today.


By Aidan Maes

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