Safety Around Chemicals

Did you know that there are 900,000 deaths due to chemical usage?  If there are that many deaths a year, then why are we taking in chemicals? Our chemical intake is depleting the human population by a large amount. On a daily basis, nose and throat irritation from chemicals has been taking down the human race; however, preventing these deaths is very simple. Following specific and general guidelines will not only save lives, but make the world a better place.

To begin, by my standards, letting children ages eight and younger clean with, or be by chemicals without proper knowledge of what they are using is definitely not safe at all. The older kids are when they handle these products, the better. Even letting children clean the bathroom for daily chores with bleach based chemicals can cause extreme damage if the child isn’t aware of the dangerous outcomes of not using chemicals the right way. DO NOT MIX bleach based chemicals with ammonia based chemicals!!!!  This action is extremely hazardous!!!  If these chemicals mix, they can cause a fume that will cause your lungs to become a squishy mess in just about 5 seconds. It is the least you can do to keep ammonia  and bleach separate.

In addition to knowing the guidelines of safety around chemicals, you need to share your findings with others.  Many scientists have the knowledge of certain safety guidelines, but if they hadn’t shared it with the world, many more people would be dying every year because of ignorance.  Share your thoughts, feelings, and actions towards the problem to everyone.  If we do this, many people are likely to respond to the call for safety. If our mouths can talk as much about safety than as of the latest Twitter post, think of what could happen. So many families would know about the dangers of chemicals, if anyone would know enough about it to share it.

I, luckily, have never have had to deal with people suffering from inhaling toxic air, but to prevent this unfortunate accident, you need to: One: Keep all children, according to their abilities, away from potentially harmful chemicals. Two: Don’t mix any chemicals. Three: Stay away from chemicals you are unsure of. Four: Be safe while using chemicals you are sure of. Following these guidelines will help you keep a safer and better educated environment.


By Tessa Geigle

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