Spotlight: Lauren Gundersen

As I was thinking of who to spotlight, a wonderful 12-year-old girl came to mind.  Lauren Gundersen is an amazing almost teen who is going to rock through the school year with a positive attitude.  This 7th grader is loving science with Mr. Segebart, and is thoroughly enjoying English with Ms. Heermans.

If Lauren were to watch a sport, it would be soccer, and to celebrate the game she would enjoy her favorite drink: sprite, and her favorite food: pizza. In her free time, she might dance or play outside. Her favorite book, at the moment, is Tiger Hearts Shadow, in the series of Warriors.  Lauren’s favorite color is green, which goes perfectly with our Greenfield colors. Gundersen recently has been in the 7th grade archery unit, and has shot 2 bullseyes in one day, which is extraordinary!!!  Lauren also takes part in AVID, and is pushing through her work with a smile on her face.  When I asked her what advice she would give to her fellow students, she said for them to “Try their best, and never give up.”

These words are very true. This quote shows how wonderful this 7th grader is.  Lauren is responsible, helpful, and her quiet sparkle lets others see her big heart shine!  Lauren Gundersen is awesome, and it was a privilege to get to know her better.  


By Tessa Geigle


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