Student profile: Mackenzie Kelly

Mackenzie Kelly is an eighth grader who enjoys running at Greenfield, hanging out with her best friend, and working out. Her heroine is Mrs. Turley, who is also her favorite teacher. She likes Mrs. Turley because she is “nice and is easy to talk to.” This Grizzly is a very athletic person.  She is kind and smart and an overall amazing person.

This girl is a runner and a fitness lover. She is going to participate in both cross country and track and field. Her worst fear is dying while riding a roller coaster. This Grizzly is an introvert, meaning that she has one close friend rather than a bunch of friends that she isn’t as close to. Her BFF is Macy Taylor. She loves to have sleepovers and has 6 pillows to share with herself and her bestie.

Mackenzie has a lot of nicknames, but one of her favorites is “Kenzie.” Her biggest pet peeve is when people click their pen. She loves Christmas, which is her favorite holiday, and putting up the tree with her family. She doesn’t get many clothes for Christmas because she buys them every month. She’s hoping to get an upgrade on her iPhone 6, and she’ll be asking Santa!

This student loves music, and used to play the baritone. She also loves to sing and used to do musical theatre at Baker School of Arts. If she was at a karaoke night she would sing “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. I think we all agree that this is one of Justin Bieber’s amazing songs! She has an amazing voice and is an incredible actress.

Kenzie plays recreational volleyball and really enjoys it. Her greatest accomplishment is running a half marathon at the age of 12. That is a huge accomplishment! Maybe she’ll run a full marathon at 14! At the rate Kenzie’s going, she probably will get first place. This Grizzly is an awesome girl, and we can’t wait to see her on the track!      


By Macy Taylor


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