iPhone X

Technology has gone a long way. We’ve gone from the rotary phone to the flip phone and now we are producing a phone that scans your face to unlock it. What’s next? A holographic phone? We don’t know yet, but the way we’re going, that could be produced next year!

The iPhone X’s starting cost is $1,000. Personally, I think that this phone is way too expensive. I have a friend who is still paying off their iPhone 6 – and their daughter lost the phone 6 months ago. What if you lost the iPhone X? It would take a year to pay it back. I would recommend you to get insurance on that!

However, there are some cool features on this high-tech device. Facial detections allow this phone to make emojis copy your face and send it to your friends, a full-screen gives you more room to swipe, and like I said earlier, it scans your face to unlock your phone.

However, this device might not be worth all of the attention. Many people have reported that the charger will come in late, and that it’s not worth the money. I have to agree with this – I could by a lot with $1000! I could buy 1000 candy bars, for instance!

All in all, the iPhone X is a little too expensive for my taste. But what do you think? Is it too expensive? Who knows what the next iPhone will cost! Maybe a million dollars will be the next starting cost.


By Macy Taylor

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