OMG: Who made it to the Junior Olympics?

Ellie Bomsta has taken a big step towards her track career! Before we go into detail about this fantastic achievement of hers, let’s give some background information. Ellie is an 8th grade student here at Greenfield Junior High School and started her journey by doing track at school. Later on, she started to really like it, and decided that she wanted to be a part of a club track team. She wanted to quit many times, but always slid past it, with the help of her teammates. She has been in this sport for a year now. Ellie’s speed is one of the main reasons why she decided to try track. Her fastest time on the 100-meter dash was 12 seconds and the 400-meter dash was 1 minute and 9 seconds. Her teams have earned different rankings in the past year.. Now for the “OMG” moment!

This year, Ellie made the Junior Olympics! She and her team had been working hard for that whole year to get there. They had to go through many obstacles including beginning meets, state meet, regionals, and then the Junior Olympics. There were different age groups, she was in the 13-14 age group, and one girl was even 6 years old that made it! Sadly, her team never went, but she made it, and that’s all that counts. Ellie says that even though she can’t do it forever, that she wants to do it for a long time. She loves it so much and if she could do it the rest of her life, then she definitely would. She is an amazing and kind person to be around! Good job, Ellie!


By Kaylee Love

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