The number of Hydroflasks sold every year is increasing. Hydroflasks are becoming really popular all around the globe. People love to take these amazing water bottles everywhere they go.

These bottles can handle up to twenty four hours of ice cold water and six hours of piping hot liquids. This container has a scratch resistant coat, comes in twelve different colors, and has seven different sizes. The company says, “Our mission is to save you from lukewarm water.” They want you to have freezing or blazing hot liquids instead of lukewarm water which everyone would probably prefer. This product has five caps to choose from. The lowest price is about $25 for a twelve ounce bottle, and the highest price is $60 for a sixty four ounce bottle. Nowadays, people like to jazz up their Hydroflasks with different stickers. You can get these stickers from different brand shops, online, or even make your own! There are some “fake” Hydroflasks that are way cheaper than the real ones. There are so many reasons why the real Hydroflasks are so much better than these knock off ones. One reason is that they have double insulation walls that keeps the cold or heat inside. The others have two walls but are weak and can not hold the liquid’s temperature nearly as long. Also, the paint scrapes off very easily.

Overall, Hydroflasks are an amazing product. Their slogan is “live refreshed” which is perfect because these water bottles are meant to make you feel refreshed. With all of Hydroflask’s advantages, what do you think about these containers?


By Claire Pothier

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