Fall Foods

One thing that everyone looks forward to in fall is the good eats. Whether that means a pumpkin spice latte, snickerdoodle cookies, or soup, it’s a pretty yummy season.

How did fall food come to be fall food? One theory is the First Thanksgiving. Even though the pilgrims had slim pickings, the tradition has carried on for hundreds of years. That explains Thanksgiving. But what about the other fall foods?

Associating warm food with cold weather might be a part of the reason why we match certain foods with fall. Have you noticed that there’s a lot of pumpkins in autumn? That’s because it’s in season. It’s like how watermelon is associated with the summer.

The next reason is because people have started to grow certain foods during the fall long ago. This is because certain foods grow only during certain times and specific climates. This is probably another reason why fall foods are paired with fall.

We all love fall cuisine. They are delicious, warm, and just over all amazing! That’s the last reason – because the food is just stupendous. We eat it because it is delicious, it is tradition, it is associated with the cold weather, and it grows in that climate. We enjoy it because it is comfort food. I mean, broccoli cheddar soup can’t be super healthy, and neither can that Pumpkin Spice Latte you picked up earlier. So even though we love fall meals, you better work out to lose weight and stay healthy!

By Macy Taylor

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