Photo Journalism: Red Ribbon Week

Posters advertising Red Ribbon Week bracelets were put up around the school starting on Monday, October 16th. Did you see one?
Bracelets were sold for only one dollar, so it was cheap and easy for students to purchase them during their lunch hour.
NJHS members walked among students during the 7th and 8th grade lunch periods, carrying red bracelets. After you paid a dollar to them, you signed your name on their clipboard.
During lunch on Wednesday, October 25th, kids wearing the red bracelets walked to the center of the courtyard where a table was set up; however, they had to check with the students posted at the red line first.
Two lines were formed behind the table. One to get balloons (after finding your name on the clipboard) and one to throw the water balloons at teachers.
Many brave teachers volunteered to get soaked by Grizzlies. Each bracelet was good for two free water balloons, so you can imagine that the staff got wet!


By Becky Wood


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