Sports article: How The Volleyball Season Went

The volleyball season for the seventh graders was amazing. They did not lose a set! I interviewed Tessa Geigle, who served the last point in the championship against the Mesquite Junior High School Mustangs.

The ending score of the game was 25-19. Tessa overhand served the ball to a Mesquite Junior High School player and they “shanked” the ball (meaning that the player hit it in a totally opposite direction then they intended to) and another player attempted to help it over. They missed, and the Grizzlies won the set.

The first and second sets were close. The first set score was 21-25, and the second set score was 25-19. Even though the game was really close, the Grizzlies kept their cool. The Grizzly girls did not have to play another set against Mesquite because they won two sets.

The girls were undefeated for the whole season! They did not lose any sets. That is a huge accomplishment! Could you imagine winning every single game of the sport you play? The seventh graders were fabulous – they’re a younger team and they beat the eighth graders when they played against each other for fun during practice.

Make sure to congratulate the seventh graders on their amazing season. That took a lot of courage, blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish that fantastic goal. And eighth graders, leave the sevvies alone – they beat you! These lady Grizzlies worked really hard on their volleyball game, and they deserve a great thank-you.

By Macy Taylor
Photo credits: Yearbook staff

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