Profile: 8th Grade Female Student Spotlight – Camila Aguilar

Camila Aguilar is an extremely active 8th grade student who is new here at Greenfield Junior High School. She is 13 years old and has participated in track for two years. Not only does Camila dominate on the track, she also excels in academics. She also has had a very unusual childhood…

To begin, the reason she loves the sport is because she has the opportunity to really challenge herself. Camila also likes it since it’s an independant sport and because she enjoys running. She participates in the high jump, 800m, and the 1600m (mile) in which she currently holds the district record at 5 minutes and 45 seconds!

In addition, Camila takes her schooling very seriously. For instance, last year she earned the status of being a Gilbert Golden Scholar with all honors classes because she has a GPA that was greater than a 3.8. Camila believes that academics and schoolwork are and should be number one priority above all other extra-curricular activities such as sports.

During Camila’s childhood, some interesting and bizzare events occured. For example, when Camila was seven years old, she was accidentally knocked off of Silly Mountain located in Apache Junction, Arizona and suffered a huge gouge in her left calf. Also when she was nine years old, on Halloween day, she got lost for about three hours. She had to resort to knocking on the door of a random stranger who willingly let her borrow their phone to call her mom. She soon had realized that she had wandered off into Mesa (originating from Gilbert)!

In conclusion, some of Camila’s favorite things to do are to play the original video game, Mario Kart, hangout with friends, and watch movies. One of her favorite movies is “Gifted Hands”. She also loves foxes, math class, and reading books like Divergent. When she was asked, “Would you want to go on vacation in Alaska or Hawaii?” She said, “Hawaii, by far, because I love the beach and I’ve never been there before”. She also said that if she could have any superpower, it would be flying. In the end, Camila is a very exceptional student at Greenfield who athletic and works exceedingly hard in school.

By Tautua Pauga

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