Short Story: Party Mystery

     One night, a group of six friends got together for a party. Each of them were extremely notable, first-class people. However, only five of them would make it out to tell others what went down that night. The party was very nice, and the host, Rachel Figor, was very happy with the result. She had invited her five closest friends. John and Isabella Baker, who always had John Jr. (their pet parrot) with them, Russell and Janice Carson, who were huge on gossip, and Rachel’s husband, Jeffrey Figor.

    John made his way over to Rachel with John Jr. sitting on his shoulder. He then said, “This party is wonderful! Great job planning this.”

    “Thank you, John. It could have been even better if the chef hadn’t completely ruined the hors d’oeuvres,” Rachel replied.

    “Nevertheless, this is still wonderful! If you’ll please excuse me, I must go wash my hands. I’ve been petting John Jr. here, and birds aren’t the cleanest animals,” John said before walking away.

    Shortly after John had left, everyone heard an ear-piercing scream coming from the bathroom. Isabella was the first to reach her husband’s body. John Jr. was sitting on the sink counter, staring at the rushing people. There was no sign of anyone else being in the restroom to do it, so they all decided to search the whole house as a group. They looked everywhere: the bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, attic, basement, and the other bathroom. Unfortunately, there were no clues of anyone other than the five remaining friends, the chef, and the maid.

    Isabella said through a thick layer of tears, “It has to be one of us. I think it was Russell; him and John never really got along.”

    “I’m truly flattered that you thought of me, but I simply don’t know how you could jump to a conclusion so quickly. Besides, I was literally standing right next to you  when he was killed. I was telling you about Alex and Eliza’s wedding. The murderer was probably Jeff,” Russell fired back.

    And so, the next half hour was spent accusing each other of the crime,but little did they know that the parrot had actually killed John Baker.

By Lauren Hutchins

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