7th Grade Female Profile: Laila Tomasaitis

Do you know Laila Tomasaitis? Laila is a 7th grade, student here at Greenfield Junior High. She is brilliant, kind and an all around amazing person.

If she could live anywhere, she would live in Hawaii because that is where all her family lives. She lived in Hawaii when she was younger. Hawaii is an isolated, volcanic group of islands in the Central Pacific. Hawaii is split up into six different islands, Oahu is the biggest city, and capital of all the islands of Hawaii. Tomasaitis says if she could travel back in time she would travel back to the year 2000 to see her older brothers when they were younger. Time travel has not been proven, but it is believed to be real, so maybe in the future if someone discovers time travel this could be possible.

Did you know that Laila is related to someone famous? She’s related to Phoebe Ryan! Phoebe Ryan is an American singer and songwriter. She began making music in 2013 and is still making music. Ryan is her step cousin (her step dad’s niece).

When Laila graduates high school, she wants to study music in college. When she graduates from college she hopes to become a music teacher because she really enjoys music. Tomasaitis is also in our Grizzly Orchestra.From fifth to sixth grade Laila went to Finley Farms Elementary with principals John Maas and Aubrey Ruhser. Before fifth and sixth grade, Laila lived in California with her family. Laila was even in orchestra at Finley!

Laila Tomasaitis is an amazing Grizzly! Laila and I met in fifth grade and we are still great friends, it is a blessing to get to know her!

By Lilly Witteck

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