Student Spotlight: Ryan Sovchik

Have you met Ryan Sovchik? He is an amazing friend and can make you laugh on the gloomiest of days. This sweet kid has a passion for football and has been doing it for 3 years so far. He plays as number 22 on his current team, the Fanatics, and has played as a linebacker for his team before. Speaking of sports, he did wrestling at Greenfield in seventh grade and is planning on trying out again, for the eighth grade team. While falling into the category of school, Ryan went to Gilbert Elementary for his younger years and plans to go to Gilbert High School next year. His favorite teacher and class at the moment is Math with Mr. Ludwig. “He is funny and helps me get better grades on my math scores,” says Ryan.

Ryan loves to play outside and hang out with his friends, especially at the Santan Mall. When he is there, he goes to the movies and also loves the Disney movie, Cars. In addition, he watches a TV series called Modern Family which is his favorite TV show. Lastly, he loves the color indigo, which is a mixture of purple and blue. I asked Ryan “What would you do if you won the lottery?” He said that he would just buy a nice car. He lives with his Mom, Dad, two dogs, and his older brother.

Like most of you, Ryan has a fear of bugs, but one bug in particular scares him the most, and that creepy crawling creature is the scorpion. Not just because of their deadly venom, but just because they are gross. Ryan is so kind, helpful, and always wants to work hard in school. If you haven’t met this wonderful kid, then you’re missing out on an amazing friend.

By Kaylee Love

Photo credits: Kaylee Love

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