Why Do We Have Turkey on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an iconic day for tables filled with tons of food. I bet that most of the time, you will see turkey. We all know it, almost everyone has turkey on Thanksgiving. Why is that?

President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863 and pretty much ever since then, turkey has been our meal of choice for that day. Now nobody knows exactly why Turkey has been our meal of choice, but there are many widely accepted theories as to why. Letters found from the Pilgrims state that they were actually turkey hunting before they actually had the first Thanksgiving meal. Another possible contribution as to why we have turkey on Thanksgiving, is that although our National bird is the Bald Eagle, Benjamin Franklin actually considered the turkey as a more suitable position for the National bird. Another possible reason is that the Pilgrims would actually hunt and eat birds a lot. Since Thanksgiving is a day about the Pilgrims, some people figured that it is suitable to eat bird on Thanksgiving, and one of the only birds that is big enough to feed many people is a turkey.

Thanksgiving is well known for it’s food and celebration. Most Americans eat turkey on this special day with many other sides. Do you have turkey on Thanksgiving?

By Carter Catado

Photo Credit: Protect your pocket

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