Article: Sugar, a deadly legal drug

As you may know, the spookiest night of the year, Halloween, just passed. Along with being a night of fright, Halloween is also a night of sugar. Most trick or treaters stuff their faces with this addictive drug. Wait.. did you catch that? I called sugar a drug. Yet we feed our children large amounts of this! We have holidays surrounded and based off of this sweet treat, like Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s day and the list goes on. But how bad is sugar? Sugar is proven to cause mental illness to arise and cause obesity.

Sugar has been linked to anxiety, a decreasing learning ability, and memory loss. Sugar does not just cause such a serious mental health disorder like anxiety. Sugar makes changes in your brain that can trigger an attack. When a person gets an anxiety attack they tend to become hypersensitive. The same thing happens when you eat a lot of glucose or sugar. Glucose can make it difficult to focus as well. Your brain does need glucose to function, but an excessive amount will cause issues. A study held at University of California in 2012 showed that another kind of sugar, fructose, one space helps old and aging cells. While a 2009 study from University of Montreal shows excessive glucose ingestion leads to a spotty memory. We don’t want to have a brain like Dory, so stay sugar free kids.

Sugar is also one of the leading causes of obesity. Obesity is a growing worldwide epidemic. One in three adults and one in six children are obese. Overweight people usually die one year prematurely and moderately obese. As a population we have super-sized the menu of fast food restaurants. describes it as “Fructose causes resistance to the hormone called lepton, which makes the brain not able to ‘see’ that the fat cells are made of fat.” Imagine a police officer was sprayed with pepper spray and was temporarily blinded. A robber walks past with bags of money that they have just stolen. The police officer would not be able to tell the robber was a robber.This is similar to what happens in your body when you consume fructose.

Anxiety, focus, poor memory, and obesity are all easier to prevent than to cure. So before you you unwrap that pack of Smarties, be a smartie and remember you could be going down a rabbit-hole of issues.


By Jordyn Carter

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